10-12 April, 2019

th International Rolling Stock, Infrastructure & Logistics Exhibition

Gaziemir, Izmir, Turkey

Market Insights
  • 09 November 2018

    A $500bn rail spending spree hits Eurasia

    Turkey isn’t the only regional power spending big on upgrading its railways. Throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, activity is heating up, with the investment thermometer reading as high as $500bn region-wide.

  • 25 October 2018

    Rolling stock demand in Turkey heightens

    Across Turkey, the tracks are being laid for a complete rail revolution. Fresh routes, both high-speed and conventional, are being developed, and infrastructure is getting a huge upgrade. Rolling stock, too, is in national focus right now, with billions in spending on its way.

  • 10 October 2018

    5 railway technologies changing the world right now

    If you’re staying static in the world of rail technology then, frankly, you’re going to miss the train and get left way behind. Technological advances wait for no one, and the industry is being shaped by new innovations as you read this.

  • 09 October 2018

    Turkish railway construction update

    When it comes to rail investment, Turkey isn’t messing around. With $46bn in spending planned from now until 2023, there’s an almost heroic commitment to upgrading its rail infrastructure. That means track construction and lots of it.

  • 28 August 2018

    Here’s how much Turkey is spending on railways and rail technology

    Across Eurasia, in particular Turkey, a rail revolution is happening. The market opportunities are huge – as is the sheer volume of Turkish and region-wide investment in railways and rail technology.