Schaeffler, General Manager & President Industrial - Mehmet Safaltın

Being an international exhibition, Eurasia Rail attracts a great number of visitors from many different countries as well as the visitors from Turkey and provides all participating manufacturers and operating companies with the opportunity to present the latest developments to the broader international audiences.

Eurasia Rail, which is recognized as Eurasian region's only exhibition of its kind and one of the largest exhibitions of the rolling stock industry, will bring together the most important players of the rolling stock industry in the surrounding region between April 10-12, 2019 at fuarizmir.  In the platform, conference sessions and technical seminars are organized with the aim of providing an information environment, the opportunity to develop networks, and inspirational content. Why it is important to create such a program for both participants and visitors?
Major investments and incentives were launched in the rolling stock industry, which is one of the important sub-branches of the transportation industry in recent years. The investments and incentives are in line with the latest developments in technology.  Eurasia Rail becomes even more important when Turkey’s geopolitical importance, as well as the growing young population and developments in the railway industry are taken into account. Moreover, exhibitors have the opportunity to present their state-of-art technology products and services to visitors.  
In your opinion, which topics require special attention this year? Which are the topics that the audience must pay careful attention and actively apply in their industries?
Especially in the recent period, all of us have witnessed that Industry 4.0 and Digitalization take center stage in all industries including rolling stock industry. At the exhibition, we will have the chance to see the practical application examples of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization in terms of both products and services. For this reason, I think we can say that the visitors will have the opportunity to implement the newly developing trend not only in the rolling stock industry but also in other industries.
What makes Eurasia Rail important for our country? Why the professional manufacturers or rail operating companies within the industry should attend to the exhibition? Or, why an industry professional should visit the exhibition?
As Turkey's geopolitical importance, young population, and urbanization increase day by day, Eurasia Rail, an exhibition focusing on railway transport systems, gains importance in the same way. As a result, the exhibition has an international character which hosts visitors both from Turkey and many countries and all participating manufacturers and operating companies are provided with the opportunity to present the latest developments to the broader international audiences.