Why Visit Eurasia Rail?

Eurasia Rail is Turkey and the region's no.1 international rolling stock, infrastructure and logistics exhibition.

Eurasia Rail is your chance to do a year’s worth of networking and business in one place at one time. 
At each exhibition edition, the latest rail technology and rolling stock developments are presented by industry-leading manufacturers. 

Previous events have hosted the likes of Siemens, Alstom, Metro Istanbul, Metro Izmir and more local and international bellwethers. 

If you want to meet and do business with the rail industry’s key decision makers, be at the next edition of Eurasia Rail

See tens of thousands of products
Solve your sourcing problems
Get up to speed with the latest technology
Hear from industry-leading speakers
Examine new industry products, technologies & systems
Take your career to the next level
Meet with the rail industry's key decision makers
Catch up with existing contacts & meet new ones
Increase your trade volumes
Plan your visit