Mustafa Seçkin Durmuş Dr.

Sadenco Founder & Project Advisor

Mustafa Seçkin DURMUŞ (PhD) was born in Antalya in 1980. He completed his undergraduate education in 2002 and did his master’s degree in 2005 at Pamukkale University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He has two PhD degree from Istanbul Technical University Department of Control and Automation Engineering (2014) and from Osaka University (Japan) Department of Electrical-Electronics and Informatics (2015). He has over 60 publications in national and international magazines, conferences and symposiums.

He started working on rail systems as an academician in 2007 and continued his works of RAMS management and signalization system design under the roof of Sadenco, which he founded as well. Sadenco is active in project management, engineering and consulting primarily for rail systems and all other transportation projects, industrial automation systems and software development and certification processes for safety-critical systems. Sadenco currently supports ASELSAN UGES in Gayrettepe - İstanbul Havalimanı (Airport) metro line CBTC Signaling SIL4 Certification Process.

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