Günay Şimşek

Aselsan Energy & Transportation Prog. Dir.

He completed his bachelor’s degree at Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering in 2000, and his master’s degree on Power Electronics at METU in 2004.
He started to work as a part-time R&D Engineer at ASELSAN in 1999, and served as a Design Engineer and Design Team Leader in the Department of Electronic Design under the Defense System Technologies Group for 14 years. In 2014, he was appointed as the Program Director of Rail Vehicle Systems under the Sectoral Department of Transportation, Safety, Energy, and Automation Systems (UGES), which was founded as a result of the restructuring of ASELSAN. In this regard, he carried on with R&D projects for the nationalization and domestic production of the critical subsystems of rail systems, which were procured from abroad. In 2019 he was named as the Director of Transportation and Energy Systems. Currently, he is responsible for the management of contracted projects, as well as the R&D projects at ASELSAN, regarding renewable energy, rail systems and electric vehicles, and signalization.

Some of the critical projects carried out:

  1. Train Control and Management System Projects
    1. Metro
    2. EMU
    3. Locomotive
  2. Electric and Rail Vehicle Traction System Projects
    1. Metro
    2. Trolley
    3. EMU
    4. Locomotive
    5. Electric Bus
    6. Electric Waste Collection Truck
    7. Military Hybrid Vehicle
  3. Projects for Signalization Systems
    1. CBTC (Yenikapı-Halkalı M1 Line, Gayrettepe-Yeni Havalimanı, Gebze-Darıca)
    2. ERTMS (Self-sourced Vehicle-Mounted ERTMS Equipment development project)
  4. Rail Vehicle Modernization Projects
    1. Metro
    2. Locomotive
  5. Wind Turbine Project (4MW)
  6. FV Solar Inverter (250kW)
  7. Mobility Service Projects on Demand

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