Global Exhibitions Day

Exhibition industry, which allows some of the oldest economic, social and cultural interaction activities and serves almost as a memory for human history, has learned two important things in the past two years: 1. Yes, exhibitions can be organized through hybrid approaches. 2. However, nothing can be a placeholder for physical exhibitions.

These two valuable gains are results of the fact that exhibitions have meaning beyond their benefit to the development of local, regional and international trade. In addition to allowing knowledge and experience exchange, and cultivating cultural and social relationships, exhibition industry also reinvigorates the economies of the regions they are held in. 

Now, we are back in physical venues, places we know the best and where we are our strongest at, to regain, improve and strengthen these values. Exhibitions will carry out their responsibility of being a driving force to help economy get stronger again and increase global and regional prosperity just like they supported world economy grow before the pandemic. 

Happy Global Exhibitions Day!

Kemal Ülgen
Hyve Group Regional Director