18 - 20 June 2025 • IFM (Istanbul Expo Center)

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Eurasia Rail Exhibition Brings Prominent Figures of the Industry Together

Giving place to the most used products in the public and private sectors, International Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, and Logistics Exhibition - Eurasia Rail, which is the only exhibition in Türkiye and third largest rail and light rail systems industry exhibition in the world, has been testing the pulse of the sector in Eurasia since 2011. The exhibition also brings together thousands of people by enabling existing and new collaborations.
Hyperloop technology talks are among the most anticipated topics of the Eurasia Rail exhibition program, in which detailed information and expert opinions towards the latest developments on the railway transportation will be given to both exhibitors and visitors.

HyperloopTT CEO and over 50 sectoral connoisseurs are at the Eurasia Rail Conference Stage!

Leading practitioners of hyperloop technology, which can link cities and regions around the world and draws attention as a fast, reliable, and sustainable transport mode that can reduce the impact on the environment while decreasing the travel duration and traffic volume, will be at Eurasia Rail.

The panel titled “The First Hyperloop Project Developed: Veneto Hypertransfer”, in cooperation with Erciyas Holding, which is scheduled for June 21st, will host the CEO of Hyperloop TT, Andrés de León, moderated by the CEO of Erciyas Holding, K. Emre Erciyas.

On the 22nd of June, Juan Vicen, Co-Founder and Vice President of Institutional Relations of Spainbased company Zeleros, which lead the development of Hyperloop, enabled it to move at 1000km/h without any direct emission, will be at the conference hall with his speech titled “A Global Hyperloop Network: Connecting Continents in a Matter of Minutes”.

On the 23rd of June, a TÜBİTAK RUTE collaborated forum titled “Experience in Building Sustainable Transport of the Future” will be held, hosting the 2023 winners of “Hyperloop Development Competition”, organized as a part of Teknofest. Following that, the developmental progress of this ultrafast transportation system and the ways of making this a reality will be discussed at the panel “Next Generation of Railway Transportation Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities”. Hyperloop technology, developments of which first started in 2016 by Elon Musk’s company in the Nevada Desert, aims at moving trains in an air-free tunnel, hangering them with various methods and using different propulsion systems so that it never touches the rails or the trains. So that the vehicle would reach the speed of twice an airplane, since there is zero air resistance and frictional force. It is also estimated that a global Hyperloop network can connect more than 40 countries at an ultra-high speed, can carry 1.5 billion passengers and 27.5 billion tons of cargo load annually, and can reduce 6.3 gigatons of greenhouse gas emission while creating one trillion income by the year of 2050. It is expected that we will see Hyperloop technology, which made a splash around the world and expected to reach 1200 km/h, at every corner around the world in the near future.

Sustainability, Energy, Innovation and Global Collaborations as well as the Industry’s Driving Forces are at the Eurasia Rail

The exhibition`s conference program, which includes the content that will take the sector one step ahead in terms of Sustainability, Energy, Innovation, and Global Collaborations and where new contacts will develop business, is coming to life thanks to the main supports of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, TCDD (Turkish State Railways) and TCDD Transportation. Thanks to the collaboration with the industry’s leading institutions, organizations and associations such as METRO ISTANBUL, IMM, ERCİYAS, ASELSAN, DITECFER, TÜBİTAK RUTE, EU-Rail, ARUS and RSD 50 expert speakers are getting ready to meet with more than 2000 professionals of the industry for three days.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will host the opening ceremony of the Conference Program on 21st of June, 13.30. After the panel titled “Catching the Age in the Railway Sector”, in collaboration with TCDD (Turkish State Railways), the panel themed “International Logistics in the Century of Turkey”, in collaboration with TCDD Transportation will take the stage.

At the conference program which will start as of 22nd of June, 10.30; panels titled “Cooperation in Railway Research and Innovation: Europe’s Railroad Joint Commitment and Clustering Aspects”, in collaboration with ARUS and “Special Engineering Disciplines in Rail Systems”, in collaboration with RSD will take place in addition to panels in collaboration with Metro Istanbul and IMM will meet with the audience.

The start-ups that have marked the sector with augmented reality, autonomous robots, cyber security, 3D printing, simulation technologies, BIM, and energy efficiency solutions will come together with the industry’s pioneers. The leading actors of the sector, who have field experience, will be making “Innovation Presentations” with a focus on the subjects that are important to sector such as innovation in transport systems, innovative technologies in R&D investments, new generation vehicles, cyber security, signalisation, risk and data analyses, data management, and passenger experience on 22nd of June, 14.15-15.45. Drawing attention to the fact that the rail systems continue to gain importance day by day thanks to being fast, economical, environmentally-friendly, reliable, and modern systems in the world and that Türkiye leapt forward in terms of railway construction in the last 20 years, Eurasia Rail Exhibition Director Semi Benbanaste, indicated that the total length of the railway network increased to 13,128 kilometers. Benbanaste also added, “It is planned that at Eurasia Rail in the 100th anniversary of our Republic, 2023, the bilateral discussions to take place will contribute greatly to the rail sector and Türkiye’s economy, and the latest innovations and technologies will be presented to the visitors thanks to our comprehensive event program.”