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General Director of TCDD: The event increases our country`s prestige

9th International Rolling Stock, Infrastructure and Logistics Exhibition, Eurasia Rail 2021 is set to be held in Konya, a city that is highly important in terms of railways. Prior to the exhibition, we had the chance to talk to General Director of TCDD Ali İhsan Uygun about the importance of the exhibition being held in Konya and how Eurasia Rail contributes to Turkish railway industry.

What are the advantages of holding Eurasia Rail in Konya? 
With its industry and cultural values, Konya is one of the distinguished cities of our country. Being one of the oldest civilization centers in the history of humanity, it bears the traces of many civilizations over a long historical period.
The second fastest high-speed train in Turkey, Ankara – Konya high-speed rail line was opened on August 24th, 2011. High-speed train operations still continue between Ankara – Konya and Konya – Eskişehir – İstanbul.
Within this context, it is very valuable both for the railway industry and the exhibitors that Eurasia Rail is being held in Konya. Exhibitors will not only benefit from the exhibition but also get the chance to see Konya’s sentimental and cultural beauties.

The fact that an international exhibition like Eurasia Rail has moved to Konya has created an excitement in the city. What do you think the unison between the city and the exhibition be like? 
Konya has always been intertwined with railways. It is the first city in Anatolia to use trams. In addition, there have been many railway investments in Konya, particularly for high-speed trains, and investments continue to be made. The construction of Konya high-speed train station continues apace and the station is planned to be active by August.

As part of improving the urban rail system network, KONYARAY project is planned to start in 2021 with the cooperation of TCDD and Konya Metropolitan Municipality. In this sense, Konya is a railway city and it is evaluated that the city will embrace the exhibition.

Moreover, there is a railway connection to the exhibition venue and exhibitors will be able to transfer their products to the Kayacık Logistics Center, which is near the exhibition space and has a railway connection, and to the exhibition space afterwards.

Does Eurasia Rail contribute to Turkey’s railway industry and railway technology?
Leading companies in the rail systems industry exhibit at Eurasia Rail, which is the third biggest railway exhibition in the world. Thanks to ongoing railway investments in our country, a railway industry has been created and this industry participates at the exhibition with all its elements.
In terms of exhibitions; technological developments, supply and operational topics, expert opinions, case studies, mega-projects and latest developments within the industry are presented through conferences, round-table meetings by high-level decision makers and technology experts. In this context, this international accumulation of expertise is made available to the railway industry.

Eurasia Rail is where the industry meets and TCDD’s successful projects are crucial for the annual growth of the exhibition. How would you like to comment?
With railways becoming a government policy after 2002, a lot of investment has been made in railways and these investments still continue. With transforming current lines into electrical and signaled lines, building logistics centers, completing branch line projects, particularly high-speed train investments and freightage and passenger capacities will increase, and railway industry will improve as a whole.
Eurasia Rail, which is highly important in terms of bringing together the stakeholders in this growing industry, increases the prestige of our organization and of our country.
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