We are looking forward to realizing our collaborations in a more comprehensive and powerful way than ever and to welcoming you at Eurasia Rail, which we will hold at Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center between 21-23 June 2023 in Istanbul Expo Center! 

Simultaneously with the exhibition portion, the event programme of EurasiaRail will be streamlined for 3 days, hosting various sessions focusing on sectoral collaborations, commercial partnerships, international agreements, new generation systems and technologies in means of transportation, success stories and marketing strategies.  

Take part in these unique and precious events offered by us as a part of Eurasia Rail in order to accumulate further knowledge, meet new suppliers and manufacturers, learn more about the latest updates in the sector, establish new connections, and get together with the decision-makers of the industry!

Eurasia Rail Exhibition, which will be held for the 10th time at Istanbul Expo Center this year, will bring together the most significant agents of the rail systems industry within the region. Thanks to the conferences and seminars that will be held throughout the exhibition programme, both the exhibitors and the visitors will be able to easily access detailed information and expert opinions on the latest updates regarding the railway transportation, challenges faced in the sector as well as innovations and technologies, potential solutions designed against these challenges.

As part of the event programme which will be simultaneously followed through for 3 days, Eurasia Rail will host various sessions focusing on sectoral collaborations, commercial partnerships, international agreements, new generation systems and technologies in means of transportation, success stories and marketing strategies.
As the sector goes through a constant change, it is of great importance to obtain the latest knowledge available, expand your network, and keep your business connections updated in order to position yourself with agility.

Eurasia Rail offers an essential platform to share sectoral knowledge and experience in order to showcase the revolutionary breakthroughs that our country has achieved in recent years in railway and rail systems to the rest of the world, and to introduce innovative products developed by the leading actors of the sector thanks to the technology-oriented R&D investments. 

For this reason, we prepared a rich programme for our attendees and exhibitors with events in various formats, such as conferences, technical presentations, curated exhibition tour, and start-ups meet-up for start-ups developing transportation systems and technologies.

With the programme titled "Conference Station Events", we aimed to open the sector for discussion with all of its aspects by integrating many different formats, subjects, and expertise. 
In collaboration with the institutions and organizations that shape the future of the industry, the veterans of the sector will talk about the latest developments that shape the railway, light rail systems, and the logistics sector. 

This year, as part of the events programme, the conference stage will mainly focus on panels that are focusing on investment and business, sessions for partnerships, exports and foreign markets.

Furthermore, the Conference Stage will examine further the concept of global branding while putting the future vision on the table, and on this opportunity, will host various panels where government investments, international agreements, and sectoral collaborations will be discussed.


Examining how innovations such as “artificial intelligence”, “augmented reality”, and “data architecture” are integrated into the sector, while talking about the importance the new generation design and technology tools hold in the world; In this era of transformation and change where everything is developing at a great pace, finding the formula for flexibility in order to be able to respond against the current events at the same pace, and to be efficient while doing so. 

Don’t miss these conversations, so you may meet the leadind influencers who are known for working on the field of information and technology, and get inspired!


Rail Master Class Curated Exhibition Tour, one of the innovations introduced by Eurasia Rail last edition, will be the focus of attention for the visitors.

Imagine a conversation and a tour, which focuses on experience and draws heavily on technology and new generation tools, as well as innovative R&D investments and applications! Professionals and start-ups from the sector, accompanied by tech influencers, will visit the exhibitor stands in accordance with the thematic framework to be chosen and experience an interactive exhibition.

Rail Master Class will be held with a limited number of visitors, whom will be selected upon the evaluation of the pre-registrations. The Rail Master Class event, which will start with a keynote speech, will then offer a magnificent exhibition experience by providing opportunities for stand tours, examining new products and systems in the industry, and meeting the most important actors from the industry. This curated exhibition tour project, which aims to ensure gaining a high level of knowledge and to establish networks, offers a programme with certification that will take a full day to complete, where distinguished companies and products will be explored one by one thanks to its privileged content, enriched with visionary sessions and inspiring conferences both before and after. Aside of curated tours design for exhibition, EurasiaRail is also getting prepared for excursions to the constructions sites collaborated with their builders to open exclusively for a selective of EurasiaRail visitors.


We are bringing together the start-ups that have left their mark on the sector with augmented reality, autonomous robots, cyber security, 3D printing, simulation technologies, BIM, and energy efficiency solutions!
The start-ups, which will draw new perspectives to the sector with their products and technologies, and bring together purchasing agents and manufacturers thanks to their innovative tools, will first take part in the Rail Master Class and have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with the companies. After that, they will share with us the latest information regarding the products and technologies they offer, and arouse our curiosity with various tips on what awaits us for the future of the industry. 

With this programme, which is yet another innovation by Eurasia Rail’s last edition, activities that form a bridge between creative minds and investors owing to their content are endorsed, in addition to providing an opportunity to showcase and follow up on the latest products and services within the region.


Do you ever find yourself wondering about the innovations and technologies in transportation systems, the challenges faced in the sector, and the solutions designed against these challenges?

We are bringing the topics on stage, which have always been on the radar of the sector, such as innovation in transportation systems, innovative technologies in R&D investments, new Generation vehicles, cyber security, signalization, risk and data analyses, data management, and passenger experience, from the perspectives of leading actors with experiences from field. 

The “innovation talks”, which will offer the chance to get together and meet with various experts, opinion leaders, and rail system industry leaders, aim to set an example for the industry with sustainable and efficient projects that come up as a result of the intersection between technical knowledge and creative minds.  

The “Innovation Talks” programme will offer manufacturers the opportunity to introduce their latest technologies, meet new customers seeking collaboration, and increase brand awareness in the region, while creating investment awareness for buyers and industry professionals through in-depth learning of success stories.