VIP Hosted Buyer Programme

Eurasia Rail Buyers Come From Across the World!

International Rolling Stock, Infrastructure & Logistics Exhibition – EURASIA RAIL, one of the largest railway fairs in the world, has been organized on November 25 - 27, 2021 and invited 178 VIP hosted buyers from 29 countries including Germany, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Spain, UK, Kuwait, India and Nigeria. Eurasia Rail 2023 expecting to host 200+ VIP hosted buyers from all over the world. 

To ensure exhibitors meet exactly the right people, the show’s VIP Hosted Buyer Programme is an added opportunity that matches exhibitors with a large group of highly targeted industry professionals.

For new business opportunities, be a part of Eurasia Rail 2023 VIP Hosted Buyer Programme from 21-23 June.

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Visitors at Eurasia Rail represent buyers from across the industry, including procurement specialists from private and public rail operators, government and transport ministries, engineers, CEOs, and thousands of key decision makers. 

Like always, local buyers, who shape the rail industry, will be at the exhibition as well.

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Exclusive Benefits at Eurasia Rail 2023
If accepted as a VIP Hosted Buyer you will receive:

  1. An Artificial Intelligence powered matchmaking tool to help you discover new products and plan meetings

  2. Unlimited access to the VIP Hosted Buyer Lounge with wi-fi, seating and refreshments

  3. Complimentary travel package

  4. Exclusive VIP entry to networking events and sessions

Before making your application please make sure that you are suitable for the VIP Hosted Buyer Programme profiles which you can find below:

Hosted Buyer Profiles:

  1. State Railway Executives

  2. Local and International Municipalities

  3. Wholesalers & Retailers of Rolling Stock Sector

  4. Purchasing Executives of the Railway Companies

Be part of this great experience offered by Eurasia Rail to get inspired, enhance your knowledge, and listen to key decision-makers, top national and international speakers, academics, press members, and speakers from the field of technology at Eurasia Rail.
In 2021, 178 international buyers from 29 countries got together with Eurasia Rail exhibitors and hold 500+ B2B meetings! Eurasia Rail 2023 expecting to host 200+ VIP hosted buyers from all over the world. 

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