Make The Most of Your Time at EurasiaRail!

We want to make sure you get maximum return on your investment. Follow our tips below to make sure your brand is seen, your time at the exhibition is used effectively, and your exhibition experience is as seamless as possible.

  • Set Your Targets

    • Make sure you define your goals before the exhibition. Focus on key objectives such as meeting potential customers and partners, shaking hands with existing clients, gathering information about competitors, showcasing your new products or services. 
    • Plan your budget.
  • Design Your Stand

    • Your stand is the first thing that attracts visitors. Consider your booth location. Where are you going to meet your visitors? Place a meeting zone and a back room for storage.
    • Prepare your brochures, promotional materials, products/services that you will present to your visitors
    • Check the Exhibitor Manual. Contact our Operations Team for the regulations, required forms and additional services.
  • Update Your Company Profile

    • Make sure your "Company Profile" in the Online Catalogue System is updated so that buyers can find you on the exhibitor lists, exhibition catalogue etc.
    • Send your company logo so that we can place it into the exhibitor list on our website. 
  • Download Your Badge

    • You need to create and print out your badges on Catalogue and Badges System before arrival, so as not to wait at the entrance of the venue.
  • Schedule Your Meeting

    • Use our matchmaking system and schedule meetings with international buyers, industry professionals and other exhibitors.
  • Spread The Word

    • Invite your network to your stand using the exhibition banners and the online invitation link.
    • Take advantage of the advertising opportunities at the venue to highlight your brand. Check out our advertising services brochure to learn more about options to be visible in areas such as floor plans, corridor banners and the visitor guide. You can contact your sales representative for more information. 
    • Send us your news - news about your new products, special offers etc. so that we can contribute to your announcement/marketing activities on our social media accounts.
  • Don't miss the VIP Hosted Buyer Programme

    • Invite Hosted Buyers to your stand or meet at the Hosted Buyer Lounge.
    • Attend meetings you have set up through the matchmaking system.
  • Interact With Those Who Visit Your Stand

    • Keep note of who visits your stand.
    • Give printed documents promoting your products/services to your visitors or have them reach you online and follow your social media accounts.
  • Choose Your Team Right and Motivate 

    • Each person at your stand represents your business, choose the people who will best describe your brand, products and services.
    • Include personnel who can provide information on technical issues in addition to the sales and marketing in your team.
    • Motivate your team to keep their spirits high during the exhibition.
  • Turn The Exhibition Events Into Opportunities

    • You can meet industry professionals that can help you grow your business by attending the events at the Content Area.
    • Follow the latest trends in the industry by taking part in conference stage sessions.
  • Use Your Social Media Accounts Actively

    • Share in-the-moment posts on your social media accounts with the #EurasiaRail hashtag.
  • Complete The Exhibitor Survey

    • Fill out our survey delivered to you during the exhibition.
    • Your feedback helps us offer you the best exhibition experiences and is very important to us.
  • Don’t Leave The Booth Early

    • Keep in mind that many deals are made towards the end of the exhibition.
  • Keep In Contact With Your Visitors

    • Send a thank you e-mail to your visitors who visit your stand.
    • You can add promotes your products/services and special campaign offers to your visitors to your e-mail content.
    • You can still use the matchmaking app for a week after the exhibition.
  • Analyze Your Participation In The Exhibition  

    • Remember that participation in an exhibition has long-term returns.
    • Make sure to evaluate with your team what you did right and what you need to improve after the exhibition.
    • Do not forget to take a look at our post-show report by downloading it from our website.