Exhibition Categories

Eurasia Rail brings together rail products, services and technologies from international manufacturers and suppliers from all around the world.

Railway Technology - Railbound vehicles for public & freight transport
Public Transport Rail Cars
Freight Cars
Magnetic Levitation Trains
Streetbound vehicles for freight transport
Intermodal Transport Vehicles
Highway - Railway
Railway - Seaway
Subassemblies and components
Driving Gears
Energy/Electrical Components
Vehicle Components
Service for vehicles
Railway Interiors
Vehicle Equipment
Finishing Materials & Products
Information Systems
Railway Infrastructure, Construction
Construction Work, Planning & Monitoring
Railway Track Machinery, Equipment & Tools
Station Buildings
Public Transport/Fixed structures
Station & Stop Premises
Streetbound Vehicles for Local Public Transport
Passenger Information Systems
Streetbound vehicles for public transport
Public Transport Rail Cars
Passenger Information Systems
Safety & Control Systems & Products
Transport IT
Management systems
Operations & Rail Systems
Traffic Management
Freight traffic logistics
Fleet Management Systems
Hazardous Cargo Transport
Identification Systems
Institutions/Media/Transport Businesses
Transport Industry Services
Tunnel Construction
Construction Machines, Parts & Components
Building Materials